Packing Services

Tender Touch Moving & Storage is pleased to offer our customers complete office packing or house packing services! Packing is available from one box to your whole house – the choice is yours. We simply charge for each staff member required, plus materials used. Having professionals pack your items will not only save you valuable time, but will also reduce potential damages to your possessions.

Packing is one of the most overlooked service when it comes to planning a relocation. At Tender Touch, extra detail and care is taken when packing your possessions – after all, the name “Tender Touch” says it all! Our packers are professionals and can usually complete all packing in one day or less, quickly and efficiently, due to their level of training and experience.

Advantages include

  • more time to deal with other details of your relocation or life.
  • the chance for damages to your precious possessions are dramatically reduced.
  • your home stays attractive and useful up to the day of your move.
  • items packed and then unpacked by us are covered if damaged on the move under whichever protection you choose.

Tender Touch Moving & Storage also offers packing services for antiques, grandfather clocks, breakables and other specialty items. Crating is necessary for the safe transportation of all marble, porcelain items or glass table tops, statues, pool table slates, cabinets with glass and more. These items require special care, and can be best protected with a custom built wooden.

If you would like Tender Touch to assume complete liability for damages, we must unpack as well. Otherwise, our packing would only be for your convenience. We recommend that you at least have us unpack your breakables for total peace of mind.

If you are interested in our packing services, please feel free to visit our Quick estimate form. You may also choose to include house packing services as part of your local move or long distance move to ensure the complete safety of your items as they travel to your new destination.