Piano Movers

Tender Touch Moving & Storage has moved thousands of upright pianos, grand pianos and organs of all shapes and sizes for the residential moving customers, churches, music dealers, and schools. Whether you are moving locally, across the continent, or around the world, all the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure safe arrival. We challenge any piano moving company to offer a more professional service!

When your piano movers arrive, they will be sure to look for the easiest path to remove your piano and then prepare their route using clean rubber floor runners to protect all wood, ceramic and carpet floors. They will then quickly inspect your piano for any damages prior to the move and bring these to your attention. Our movers will then place pads on your piano and securely tape it. In the case of a baby grand piano, each piece removed from the unit will be separately padded before being loaded into the truck.

Your piano will then be placed and secured on special piano moving equipment before being transported into our truck for safe travel, where it is draped with 2 more pads and is double ratchet strapped to the interior for security.

All our trucks are equipped with several 2 ft wide sheets of plywood, which are useful to ramp steps at the front door or over curbs, or place over our rubber floor runners for extremely delicate floors for added protection. In addition, our trucks carry full size 12ft to 14ft ramps to overcome flights of stairs outside the home. Where access does not permit, we utilize a piano skid, which is also used for all flights of stairs inside the home. For level runs from the house to the truck, your piano will be placed on one of our platform dollies and secured.

Upon delivery, Tender Touch piano movers will perform the complete process in reverse and once again do an inspection on your piano.

The cost of moving a piano is determined by how many people will be required to move it. This is calculated by the size of the piano, access on both ends of your move, which include stairs or multiple flights of stairs, length of walk, turns, landing or corners on stairs, tightness of stairways, entrances or hallways and other obstacles like trees, hills, small cliffs and rivers – our piano movers battled them all!

Main floor to main floor moves are the easiest and can usually be done fairly quickly within 10-15 minutes on each end of the move. A main floor to main floor move may consist of up to a short 4-6 step straight flight outside the home.
Internal moves also tend to be very quick as well and usually fall within our minimum charge with easy access, from one room to another on the main floor, garage into the home or up or down a flight within the home.

The most difficult piano moves typically are those coming out of basements. Many times there have been renovations done to the home since the piano went down and the access is tighter. Any move where a flight of stairs involves a partial landing or pie shaped step on a turn or where there is a tight turn anywhere along the stairs – top, middle or bottom can be difficult. Curving, low clearance and short landings also bring their own challenges. All of these situations described will require a minimum of 3 team members on your move. It’s important when booking your move you give us the most accurate description of your access at both locations. Where necessary, pianos with difficult access may require a waiver for both the piano and surrounding structures in order to proceed with the move.

If you would like an online estimate for our piano moving services, click on Quick estimate, and we’ll be sure to reply within one business day or less. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-877-836-3378 today!

Does your piano need a little TLC once it reaches its new home? As a third party service, we can also recommend to you additional piano services ranging from expert piano tuning, refinishing, repairs or restoration.

Piano Sizes

Upright Pianos

Full-size 48″ to 54″

Studio 43″ to 47″

Console: 40″ to 43″

Spinet: 36″ to 39″

Grand Pianos

Concert Grand: 7′ to 9′

Medium Grand: 5′ to 7′

Baby Grand: 4.5′ to 5′

When booking your piano to be moved, be aware that pianos are limited to where they can be placed or moved from due to their size and weight. Our movers will not put their safety in danger.

We only offer disassembly for grand pianos, we do not disassemble uprights instead we can refer a 3rd party service if this is required.