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    Storage To Go

    We bring the storage container to you.
    It’s convenient, and hassle free.

    We only offer this service one crate at a time, specializing in quick in and out service into tight loading areas, condos, apartments and & clients with small loads, who need items removed from their home, cottage or office.

    It’s been a great success for customers who choose to put away their patio set and other garden furniture for the winter and at the same time pull out their winter toys. It’s a wonderful option if you wish to remove clutter from your home, store business documents, or place all your goods from a small apartment into one crate.

    Each storage pallet is 8 x 6 x 7 feet and can hold up to 2000 lbs evenly loaded. We offer the largest wooden crates delivered to your door in the city. Included with each crate rented upon request, are 20 moving blankets, 2 mattress bags and 1 roll of shrink wrap for your sofas. Simply advise your moving consultant upon booking and we’ll make sure all your supplies are loaded for you, which we’ll get you to sign for as received upon delivery. All for just $ 79.00 per month, pro rated daily.

    We can also rent you additional equipment to help you load, and protect your home if needed, or deliver boxes and other packing supplies if your running short.

    In addition to the monthly rental charge there is a shuttle fee of $150.00 to drop off the crate in the GTA. Pickup is free! Additional charges apply for deliveries out side the GTA.

    We do not offer onsite privileges into your crate, while it is at our storage facility. Make sure you don’t load items you may require before redelivery occurs.

    On move day, we will drop off your crate early in the morning on a flat bed utility trailer, the wheels of the trailer will be blocked and the hitch locked for security. The space needed for your crate will be about 12 ft to 15 ft of driveway space to allow room for loading. You then have up to 8 hrs to load your crate, at which time we’ll return and pull it away and load it into our storage facility with a fork lift. As we need to transport the crate to and from our warehouse with your goods in it and then lift it with a forklift, please ensure you load evenly and secure your shipment tight so that nothing falls over.

    As with all our shipments going to storage safety is important. Do not load corrosives, chemicals liquids or flammables. For a complete list, link here items we can’t move.

    As you are doing all your own loading & unloading, Tender Touch does not take liability for the condition of the contents while being stored in your crate. If you wish to protect your goods for total loss of the crate or damage of the contents in the case of an accident to the crate, we can supply this type of protection. The charge for declared valued coverage is $ 5.00 per $1,000 declared for the shuttle and $ 1.00 per $1,000 per month, while in storage. This type of coverage is limited to $ 5.00 per lb per article.

    When planning your move out of storage, be sure to book far enough in advance to secure your moving day, as jobs are booked on a fist come fist serve basis. On move day we will arrange to deliver the crate 1st thing in the morning and give you up to 8 hrs to off load. A pre-auth of $ 30.00 will be required on your move out, for each furniture pad you choose to use on you shipment while in storage, incase the total you signed out are not returned, or damaged when we pickup the crate.

    During both pickup and delivery a charge of $ 20.00 per hour will be applicable if the driver needs to wait for the crate. A dump fee of $ 75.00 will be applicable if garbage is left in the crate at end of use. A $ 75.00 fee is applicable to every panel on the crate that gets damaged after its been dropped off at the clients residence.

    All crates going to storage are required to have the storage charges paid until the end of the current month at the time of pickup based on a pro-rated basis, in addition to the drop off charge. Storage charges are then billed on the first of each month, to the credit card left on file. It is very important that we have on file a forwarding address and contact phone number incase your credit card expires or won’t authorize. Charges for redelivery will occur when you receive your crate at your delivery destination.

    As only a limited amount of Storage To Go space has been assigned at the Tender Touch warehouse, book in your move early.