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    Tender Touch Storage

    Tender Touch Storage

    At Tender Touch we only offer secure storage solutions in fully enclosed modern buildings, which are protected by a 24 hr security system and video surveillance system.

    When utilizing TENDER TOUCH for your storage needs, your items are carefully inventoried and then wrapped in furniture pads. These pads will then remain on your furniture until time of redelivery.

    Your invoice will remain open from the time the job starts until the time the last piece is placed in our storage pallets, in addition to travel time. This will be the exact case in reverse upon delivery; you will be charged from the time we start loading your things into your truck until the last piece is delivered into your home, plus travel time.

    For safety and security purposes, we do not allow in and out privileges for our customers in the storage facility. If you know in advance that you will need access to your belongings, please notify your moving consultant on booking, as our staff would be more than happy to suggest another self storage location for some or all of your belongings.

    Our storage rates are $ 2.63 per day based on 8′ x 6 ‘ x 7’ per pallet. These fees are charged on a 30 day cycle and pro-rated by the day. This way you only pay for the storage you use. We offer daily, monthly or long-term storage – the choice is yours.

    What to Expect When Your Vehicle is Delivered

    Upon your vehicle’s arrival to the destination, conduct another thorough inspection comparing the current state of your vehicle against your records. Having a record of the vehicle’s condition before and after transport is important in the rare occasion that it has been damaged. If you cannot conduct the inspection yourself, assign a trusted representative to inspect the vehicle on your behalf. If you are meeting the transporter at night, bring a flashlight so you can inspect the vehicle on site. Keep in mind that your vehicle will have traveled just as if you drove it yourself. It will face the same road debris, dust, rain, snow, etc.

    After the Vehicle Shipping Service

    In the unlikely event that your car was damaged while being transported, make sure you note that with a Tender Touch Moving prior to accepting the car. This is critical, as the delivery point is your only window of opportunity to inspect and report damages caused by the transporter.

    Tender Touch Moving is able to offer complete moving and storage solutions. Our clean, climate-controlled storage facilities are protected by the most advanced security system that is monitored 24 hours a day. Both our short- and long-term storage solutions are available to our customers at a competitive price.

    A complete listing of every item and its condition is provided to all our customers for peace of mind and accountability so that you can rest assured that your belongings are safe. All products are inventoried and then wrapped safely in furniture pads and shrink wraps. This will ensure that all items are protected during the life of your storage.


    By using our state of the art storage, the overall cost of your move will slightly increase because of the extra time it takes to inventory everything and make sure that your items are being placed in the self-storage unit with proper protection.

    • A one bedroom apartment requires 1-2 crates @ a cost of $ 79.00 to $ 158.00 month
    • A two bedroom apartment requires 2-3 crates @ a cost of $ 158.00 to $ 237.00 month
    • A three bedroom apartment requires 3-4 crates @ a cost of $ 237.00 to $ 316.00 month
    • 2 bedroom house requires 3-4 crates @ a cost of $ 237.00 to $ 316.00 month.
    • Depending on the size of your 3 + bedroom home they require from 4-6 crates or more.

    For a discount on your first 2 months of storage, please link here and present the coupon at the time of booking.

    When planning your move out of storage, be sure to book far enough in advance to secure your moving day, as jobs are booked on a first come first serve basis. When moving out of storage, we can only give you the start time we will begin loading. Actual delivery time will depend on a number of factors, including how long it takes to load the shipment plus the drive over to your new home. Hourly rates for moves to and from storage will depend on the time of the month you are moving or season which your move falls in. For local rates, see services available.

    All shipments going to storage are required to be paid until the end of the current month on pickup. All storage charges are then billed on the first of each month via credit card left on file. It is very important that we have a forwarding address and contact phone number on file in case your credit card expires or it will not authorize.

    Shipments requiring storage during a long haul move utilizing our Van Line association with Great Canadian will be subject to storage charges based on the weight of the shipment. Great Canadian Storage Rates.

    Depending on the city and agent your items will be stored at personal pickup and/or in and out privileges may be available as well. Please ask your moving consultant for more detailed information.

    Our team consists of highly experienced moving experts in the Toronto Area


    We start clocking our hours as soon as we arrive at your door and will continue until the last piece is placed in our storage pallets, plus travel time. This will be the exact case in reverse upon delivery; you will be charged from the time we start loading our truck until the last piece is delivered into your home, plus travel time.


    For safety and security reasons, we do not grant our customers access to storage facility while they are in transit. If you find it might be necessary for you to have access to your belongings, you should inform your moving consultant upon booking, so that they could suggest another SELF STORAGE solution for some or all of your belonging needs.