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    Dangerous Goods

    If you’re moving goods that are considered potentially dangerous, you must arrange their packing and transportation by air, sea, road, rail or inland waterway, according to international regulations.

    The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations sets standards for the shipment of dangerous goods as a means of protecting the public and those moving the goods.

    Transporting dangerous goods requires meeting strict regulations. The Act states that moving companies must guarantee employees get the appropriate training for the work in their field, enabling them to handle any assignment in compliance with the law. They must provide each employee with a training certificate as proof of education. In the event that one employee is not certified, they must only engage in dangerous goods duties under direct supervisions of a trained and certified person.

    For help with enforcement questions, call us to speak to one of our moving consultants. By law, you must declare all dangerous goods and make sure the driver is aware of any before transport.

    Non-Admissible Items

    Household Goods Carriers like Tender Touch Moving are prohibited from transporting the following goods:

    Explosives: From fireworks to road flairs, all explosives must be handled with the utmost care, and should not be included in your items to be moved.

    Gases: This refers to any gases under pressure or liquefied, in containers that are empty or full. If you require oxygen to breathe for example, the tank should travel with you. Any additional tanks you have should be returned to your health care provider, and picked up as needed from your new location.

    Oxidizers: Bleach, disinfectants, even pool chemicals cannot be moved by us. Sometimes you will be able to return any excess chemicals you have for these things or sell them online (for pools) to recuperate some of their value. Alternatively you will need to make other arrangements to have these items moved.

    Flammable Solids: Items like matches, barbecue starter pellets, or even wood chips cannot be moved with your home furnishings.

    Liquids: We will not move any liquids.

    Flammable Liquids: Gas, cleaning fluids, lighter fluid, paint thinners, barbecue starter, glues, resin, kerosene, naphtha, acetone, alcohol, lamp oil.

    Corrosives: In addition to liquids, we cannot move acids (sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric, muriatic), car, boat or motorcycle batteries.

    Poisons: Pesticides, herbicides, cygon, fumigants, wood preservatives, creosote, photographic chemicals.

    Any Item: subject to spontaneous combustion: Oily rags, charcoal.

    Please note that this is not an extensive list. Check with on of our moving consultants for items that cannot be moved.