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    Moving Tips

    From the years of moving, Tender Touch Moving staff has prepared a list of moving tips, for you to use as you prepare your move. If you have any moving tips you wish to share, email us.

    • Make you moving arrangements as far ahead of your moving date as possible.
    • For long haul moves make sure you label all of your cartons with your name, destination city and contact phone number in BOLD LETTERING.
    • Consider holding a garage sale or giving your unwanted items to charity.
    • Leave your pet with a neighbor or friend during all the activity on moving day.
    • Place all packed boxes against the wall away from your furniture, so as not to obstruct access for your movers.
    • If your appliances are being moved, have them cleaned and disconnected from the power source before the movers arrive. Defrost your refrigerator and freezer the day before moving (appliances must be empty at time of moving.) Burners on the stove should be taped securely.
    • During cold weather allow your electronics to acclimatize before plugging them in at your new residence.
    • Carry your currency, jewelry and valuable documents with you. Tender Touch will not be responsible for articles of “extraordinary value”.
    • Set up a specific area in your home for all items not to be shipped and inform your movers of this area.
    • It is not necessary to empty dresser drawers of light clothes, but remove liquids, breakables, books, valuables, etc. All drawers that open like cupboards should be emptied. In special cases where you have difficult access, the dresser is very heavy or the dresser is an antique or fragile, all drawers should be completely emptied.
    • Do not pack corrosives, aerosols, gas, propane, paint, flammables or other dangerous goods with your move.
    • Have Tender Touch pack and unpack for you, for added convenience and valuation coverage.
    • Ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions of your contract (Bill of Lading.)
    • Ensure that you declare a value on your goods otherwise your furniture will only be protected for 60 cents per lb.
    • On long haul & storage moves, ensure to check the accuracy of the inventory taken and the condition of each article at the time of loading.
    • Take your “personal” phone book and cell phone with you; you may need to make an important call.
    • Complete a walk through of your home with your moving foreman to ensure all items have been removed (check closets, cupboards, behind doors, etc.)
    • Keep a copy of your moving invoice as most moves are tax deductible. Ask your moving consultant for more information.
    • On long haul moves and storage moves, ensure to check off all items and their condition on your inventory sheet as they are being unloaded at your new residence. Damaged or missing items must be pointed out at this time to the driver and noted on your inventory sheet.