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    Packing Tips

    Follow this guide and you will be packing like a pro in no time.
    If you have any packing tips you wish to share, email us.

    We’ve mastered the art of moving and would like to share our knowledge and expertise.

    Good packing is essential for a hassle-free move. If you choose to do some or all of your own packing, it is very important that you recognize our recommended packing techniques and use moving boxes that will best protect your possessions.

    These moving tips will help make the transition to your new home flawless and stress-free. Find tips and tricks to a smooth move here.

    • To make sure your household goods arrive at your new home without a scratch, start with purchasing the right packing supplies. We’ll help you with that by bringing our own reliable products.
    • Put together a packing kit. If more than one person is packing, stay organized by establishing a working system. Have blank inventory sheets prepared so one person can easily tackle one area or room.
    • Donate all unessential items to charity or throw them away.
    • If you are packing things yourself, start well in advance of your moving date. This will avoid any rush to have things moved fast – most errors occur when done in a hurry.
    • Carefully label all boxes according to the room you would like them placed in, (example: kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, etc.)
    • Long haul moves – it is important to make sure that all boxes are properly labeled with your contact information, name, destination, and phone number to best contact you.
    • Pack all mirrors and pictures in boxes with proper padding around them.
    • When packing bikes, you should remove the pedals from bikes first and place them in a specially designated bike box.
    • Allocate a box specifically for all screws, nuts and bolts and other pieces needed to put your furniture back together. Place each set of items in a small bag – properly labeled indicating which piece of furniture it came from. We do not recommend that you tape the bag of bolts and screws to the furniture as that tape can easily come loose.
    • Do not pack unnecessary liquids, especially in boxes moved by Tender Touch movers. Make sure all jars containing liquids have tightly sealed lids around them. Then place all secured jars in plastic bags before packing.
    • Place shoes in grocery bags before packing them to prevent scuffing and soiling of other items in the carton.
    • All lamps need to be packed in appropriate boxes. First remove the shade from the base, then pack in separate boxes. Light bulbs should be removed before being packed separately as well.
    • Pack all heavy items (i.e, books) in small boxes, preferably 2 cubic feet in size.
    • Rule of thumb: the lighter the item, the larger the box.
    • Try to use uniform size boxes. This will make your load easier to pack, saving you time and money on local moves and will eliminate shifting on long haul moves.
    • You do not need to empty dresser drawers with light clothes, but we ask that you remove liquids, breakables, books and any other valuables. All drawers that open like cupboards should also be emptied. In special cases where you have difficult access, the dresser is very heavy or the dresser is an antique or fragile to move, we ask that their drawers be completely emptied, too.
    • All boxes should be sealed with heavy duty tape. This will prevent any items from falling out and allows your mover to stack them on top of each other.
    • Pack all your boxes full, so it can hold the weight of another box on top of it. This rule does not apply for all fragile “stuff”.
    • When packing, use only strong corrugated boxes that can be sealed. If you need us to supply you with boxes see our box and packing supply order form to place an order.
    • Mark all boxes containing breakables with a red marker, spelling “fragile”.
    • Try to start packing well before your move date. The easiest way is to do a few boxes per day.
    • Make sure your boxes are strong enough to hold the weight of the contents you place in it.
    • Place heavier items at the bottom of the boxes.
    • When packing dishes, cups or any breakables, remember to place a layer of crumpled paper at the bottom of the box and between each layer. Try to keep the weight of the box under 45lbs. The heavier the item the smaller the box.
    • When packing cups or glasses stuff the inside with crumpled paper.
    • When packing plates, CDs and records, place them standing vertically up in the box. Wrap all breakables with packing paper, preferably several sheets on each item.
    • On local moves label one box “TO BE UNLOADED FIRST” for items you will require immediately upon your arrival to you new home. Please make sure your movers are aware of this carton so they can load it into the truck last. (Examples of items to be included: tools, toiletries, remote controls, phone etc.)
    • Extremely fragile items such as glass and china are best packed by our Toronto experienced movers.
    • Ensure that you declare a value on your goods; otherwise your furniture will only be covered for 60 cents per pound per article. See “Our Protection.”
    • Do not pack any flammable, corrosives or explosive materials in your cartons. These items must be moved by you or disposed of (i.e. matches, propane tanks, aerosols, paints, and fuels).
    • Mark “DO NOT LOAD” on all boxes you do not want the movers to load on their tracks and place them in the corner of a room or a designated area coordinated with our movers.
    • Empty gasoline/diesel from lawnmower and outboard motors.
    • Tie or tape mops, brooms, and shovels into a bundle.
    • Do not pack cleaning products in the same box as your food. (No liquids or chemicals can be moved by Tender Touch.)
    • Pack hanging clothes and drapes in wardrobes.
    • Avoid airplane baggage fees by figuring out the airlines’ baggage-fee policies. While most airlines permit travelers to check at least one bag on international flights, the majority of North American carriers charge big bucks for bags checked on domestic flights.
    • Never use newspaper to pack. The ink rubs off.
    • Carry currency, jewelry and other valuables with you. Our Movers will not take responsibility for these items of extraordinary value.

    Call our Toronto moving company today to book an appointment. We will better assist you with your questions or concerns once you are on the phone and we know what we are transporting and where we are transporting your things to.