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    There are times when pieces of furniture will not fit into your home in the conventional way due to the size of the item or the difficulty of the access into your home.


    Should this be the case there are other alternatives. You could arrange to set up a hoist over a balcony, through a window, or onto a deck. Most hoisting jobs, can be done with simply manpower, skill and specialty rigging. The items that are most common for hoisting are Armoires, Sofas, Appliances, and Beds.

    For heavier items, machinery may need to be brought in to complete the hoist such as a sky jack or, fork lift, or crane at added costs. This equipment is most commonly required for pianos or other very heavy pieces of furniture, or if the item is fairly heavy and is required to go up dozens of stories.

    When heavy equipment is used on city property it may be necessary to get a permit and hire a pay duty officer.

    Thankfully most hoists can be done easily enough with just manpower and rigging

    It is important that you measure both the items being hoisted and the access to where they would be hoisted through to ensure they will fit.

    As hoisting is not a conventional way to move your item, this service can only be offered at “owners risk”.