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    Moving with Your Pets Tips

    Cats and dogs are typically taken in the car by the owner while on the move. Animals are known to get car sick and will require recurrent stops along the way. You may need to check in with the hotel to ensure that they will allow pets inside.

    Depending on the animal’s personality and size, it might be a wise decision to have your pet shipped by air. If you are having your pet shipped this way, consider having someone to receive your pet at the airport so that they will be able to take care of it until you get there. Kennels often offer this service and will work with you to arrange a time to pick up your pet, keeping it happy and safe until you have finished your move.

    If you’ve decided to fly to your new home, there will likely be the option for your pets to travel in the baggage area of the aircraft. In order for them to get the green light for travel this way, there are a few things you will need:

    Health Certificate: Get your pet a clean bill of health from your family vet. They’ll know the requirements and be able to provide you with all of the documents you need to clear your pet for travel.

    Pet container: Pet containers vary in size. Be sure to take care in selecting your pet container for the greatest comfort of your pet, especially on longer journeys.

    Tranquilizers: Calming the nerves of your furry friends during the sometimes stressful commute to a new locale is always a good idea. Allow them to enjoy their ride peacefully by asking your vet for tranquilizer pills for your pet. In order to make the trip more comfortable for them you may also consider including their favourite toy or a t-shirt with your scent on it in their pet container.

    Smaller Animals

    If you’re not traveling over oceans, and are planning on driving, smaller pets can be taken in your car. Even the most high strung smaller dogs usually relax within the first couple of hours of a trip. If your dog or cat is afraid or particularly despises the car, consider tranquilizers as well. You can also try placing a towel over their pet container. This method works well for cats and birds.


    Moving fish can be extremely difficult. It’s a good idea to talk to your local pet store where you bought your fish to determine if they will be able to travel. It’s important to note here that tanks must be completely empty for our movers to move them. Please drain and clean your tank before your move.