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    Vehicle Shipping

    Tender Touch Moving & Storage is able to offer complete vehicle shipping services within North America. Our carriers have combined experience of over 37 years of transporting well over 250,000 new and antique cars, trucks and oversized vehicles.

    Your vehicle can be shipped to anywhere within Canada or across the border to the U.S. with help from our partners. The utmost care is always taken to ensure that your vehicle is secure and protected throughout its journey so it can arrive at its destination in the same condition it left in. During all vehicle freight shipping services, we use tracking systems so you can be informed of your vehicle’s location every step of the way. Once your vehicle arrives, we can even arrange for it to be delivered straight to your door! Vehicles must be washed for inspection at time of pickup to ensure we accurately record the condition of the vehicle.

    For further information about shipping vehicles in North America, contact Tender Touch Moving & Storage. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about car and truck shipping, as well as provide you with an estimate for your move. Call 1-877-836-3378 today.

    This service is not available for U.S.A to U.S.A relocations.

    What to Expect When Your Vehicle is Delivered

    Upon your vehicle’s arrival to the destination, conduct another thorough inspection comparing the current state of your vehicle against your records. Having a record of the vehicle’s condition before and after transport is important in the rare occasion that it has been damaged. If you cannot conduct the inspection yourself, assign a trusted representative to inspect the vehicle on your behalf. If you are meeting the transporter at night, bring a flashlight so you can inspect the vehicle on site. Keep in mind that your vehicle will have traveled just as if you drove it yourself. It will face the same road debris, dust, rain, snow, etc.

    After the Vehicle Shipping Service

    In the unlikely event that your car was damaged while being transported, make sure you note that with a Tender Touch Moving prior to accepting the car. This is critical, as the delivery point is your only window of opportunity to inspect and report damages caused by the transporter.

    Tender Touch Moving is able to offer complete moving and storage solutions. Our clean, climate-controlled storage facilities are protected by the most advanced security system that is monitored 24 hours a day. Both our short- and long-term storage solutions are available to our customers at a competitive price.

    A complete listing of every item and its condition is provided to all our customers for peace of mind and accountability so that you can rest assured that your belongings are safe. All products are inventoried and then wrapped safely in furniture pads and shrink wraps. This will ensure that all items are protected during the life of your storage.

    Cross Canada & Cross Border Service

    We are able to transport your items anywhere in Canada as well as across the border into the United States.

    Pick-up and Delivery Service

    With our door to door valet service, you can leave everything to us and enjoy complete peace of mind, while we take care of the details. We will pick-up your vehicle, be it home, place of work, or other location. We will then ship it via Railway or Vehicle Carrier, and deliver it to your destination.

    CN Rail & CP Rail

    We use only professional loading crews and the most modern technology to help you with your move, and that means partnering with CN Rail and CP Rail. Fully enclosed rail cars, with sophisticated tie-down systems are used to secure the ride, protecting your vehicles from vandalism, the harshest elements, and of course accidental damages. In addition, monitoring and tracing systems help ensure reliable, on-time delivery.


    Via our vast network of carriers, we can also arrange delivery to many international ports overseas.


    If you are interested in getting a quote for shipping your vehicle, click on Quick Estimate Form.
    Quick Estimate Form.


    At your request, we can store your vehicle in our fully secured auto compound until you’re ready to have it picked up or delivered. A storage fee may be applicable.

    When it comes to judging the quality of cross-continental vehicle transportation, you the customer knows best. Our many repeat clients often tell us what they get from Tender Touch Moving is peace of mind. You’ll feel confident that your car or truck will be delivered on-time and in exactly the same condition as it was at the point of departure. Our commitment to all our customers is that we will make no compromises when handling your vehicle. Both management and employees will always make security, punctuality and professionalism a priority, so that we may continue to live up to our name – Tender Touch.

    When shipping your vehicle, the vehicle must be emptied of any objects, goods, possessions, or personal effects as we will not be responsible for any articles left in the vehicle. The vehicle should be in good running order. We cannot transport non-running vehicles.

    All vehicle shipments are required to be paid in full on booking.

    Terms & Shipping Instructions

    1. All orders must be paid in advance by Money Order, Cash, Debit, or Certified Cheque. Where credit has been pre-approved, terms are net 30 days.

    2. Service includes pickup at residence and delivery to residence (door to door) unless otherwise arranged. In most cases, we utilize either tilt’n load flat bed tow trucks or 3-4 car carriers.

    3. Vehicles are driven only in the auto compound for loading or unloading purposes.

    4. The vehicle is fully insured to the red book value, no deductible. It is not necessary for the vehicle to be separately insured (unless it is an antique) and does not require license plates. (Overseas Shipments Excluded, see 14)

    5. A photocopy of the vehicle registration should be placed in the glove box. (Original is not required). Two sets of keys must be delivered with the vehicle.

    6. Repair all broken, loose or rusted parts, No aerosols, combustibles, liquor or tobacco.

    7. Any accessories not permanently mounted should be removed. Be certain the jack and spare tire are properly stowed.

    8. Please have your vehicle washed prior to pick up and we recommend a heavy coat of wax to help fight the elements en route . Vehicles that are shipped by enclosed railcar, have side shielding with small spaces for ventilation on the railcar.

    9. Caps/Canopies on pick up trucks must be properly bolted to the box of the truck to ensure safe delivery.

    10. Please inform us of any security features, starting instructions or details pertinent to the handling of your vehicle.

    11. Your vehicle should be half full. Top up all other fluids. During colder months be sure you care is properly winterized.

    12. Check to see you vehicle is in good running order. Tire, battery and a working emergency brake are important to ensure smooth handling during shipment. Remove all loose items and personal belongings.

    13. We are not responsible for environmental pollution, exhaust systems, wiring, mechanical and manufacturer’s defects, corroded parts, broken or loose parts, personal belongings, damages attributable to normal wear and tear, items mounted on or under dash, loose speakers and damages/defects not readily visible due to weather conditions, dirt or inspection location.

    14. Vehicles shipped overseas must purchase cargo Insurance separately, as they are not automatically covered.

    15. Any claim for damage MUST be noted at the time of release with carrier. All claims must be filed within 60 days of delivery along with 2 estimates for repair.

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