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    Winnipeg Movers

    Almost every person in the world has had a chance to move for a different number of reasons. Sometimes they relocate for pursuing a career, or education. Sometimes, it is for family or love. But all of them will tell you the same thing – moving is just not the most favorite of things they have ever had to do. In case you have decided to move to Winnipeg, we just might be able to help you out and make your relocation a bit more pleasant. We know that moving can sometimes be a bit complicated, especially if you are relocating from afar. That is when long distance movers Winnipeg jump in. Trust us, with them by your side, your relocation will be as easy as a pie.

    Tender Touch Moving & Storage proudly offers you residential and commercial moving services for Winnipeg. So, if you want to settle and live in the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba, our long distance movers Winnipeg can help you relocate on a budget without problems and delays. You no longer have to think about possible frauds, missing luggage, and damages. If you hire our Winnipeg movers, you are getting a trouble-free move. And your belongings will be transferred with the utmost care to the 7th most populated city in Canada.

    Explore the lovely city of Winnipeg once our long distance movers Winnipeg are done with your relocation.
    Let our long distance movers Winnipeg take care of every detail of your relocation.

    Why choose Winnipeg as your new home?

    First of all, if you are moving here then you should know that the locals call their town “The Peg”. So, you might start calling it like that. You will fit in easier. One of the best reasons why moving to Winnipeg is a good decision is a possibility to find a house of your dreams. In the recent years, Winnipeg has seen a great expansion of housing market. There is a large selection of homes for you to choose from. If you are relocating from the territory of Toronto, long distance movers from Toronto can assist you to find a house you are looking for. The good news is that you won’t need to give a fortune to the new property. As estimations from 2017 show, the median price for a 3-bedroom house in Winnipeg was $292,000. It’s a bit lower for the same number of rooms in an apartment.

    On the other hand, if you are not planning on purchasing a real estate at this moment, do not worry again. There is a large selection of vacant houses and apartments. Movers Winnipeg could be of a great assistance here. As nobody knows the town better than them, you will surely find something convenient for a short amount of time.

    Long distance movers Winnipeg are here to assist you with everything

    If you wish to go on with this move as easier as possible then you do not have to look any further. We will give you just some reasons to help you decide to hire these professionals:

    • Movers Winnipeg are reliable and reputable.
    • They are highly efficient
    • They have a great quality-price ratio

      Settle in your new home with the help of our long distance movers Winnipeg.
      Winnipeg movers are here to assist you with your next move.

    Long years of experience are behind us

    During the years of our doing business, we have collected valuable experience that we tend to implement each time we receive a call. We are proud to say that we have successfully completed thousands of relocations in Winnipeg and outside of it. Also, we are happy to say that we are the first choice for a great number of people and that we even have returning customers. This proves our quality and trustworthiness. Therefore, we tend not to let down any client that comes to us to ask for help regarding moving. We strongly believe that our biggest reward is happy faces of our satisfied customers.

    We do things quickly but efficiently

    Another thing we strongly believe is that time is money. That is why we have developed a special system by which our team of movers is able to pack and relocate your stuff in a very short amount of time. By doing that they are paying the most attention. The key to a successful relocation is in details. Therefore, this is what movers Winnipeg do the best – they pay attention to everything, no matter how small a detail it is. So, do not worry, we have everything covered so that you can have a stress-free relocation.

    making a good plan
    We know how to make an effective plan.

    We offer affordable prices

    Most people have concerns about whether they will be able to afford to move with the moving company. And we understand that. You can make sure that we are not a money-oriented company and that we care for our customers. Another thing you can make sure is that the prices we offer for our services are quite affordable and for them, you will only get the highest quality. Therefore, you get a full package!

    Movers Winnipeg offers a great array of services

    We already mentioned that we have a long experience in a moving industry. Throughout a year, we have perfected in many types of moving. We offer you the following:

    1. Packing and unpacking services. As this can be quite time-consuming, we are here to jump in and do it for you.
    2. Taking apparat and putting back the furniture. Sometimes people need to relocate their old furniture but they do not have enough skills or knowledge. But movers from Winnipeg know how to handle it just well.
    3. Putting your things in storage. The use of storage units is huge. For whatever reason you need it, we can provide you our storage services and help you place your belongings inside.

    With safe and good hands of our skilled and highly-trained long distance movers Winnipeg crew, you can be sure every step of your move will be handled in the most efficient way. We’ll help you settle down in one of the many neighborhoods in Winnipeg, just give us a call and start scheduling your move.