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US_POA_ShortForm US Customs Power of Attorney US_POA_ShortForm.pdf
US-3299 Declaration for free entry of unaccompanied goods into the US. US-3299.pdf
3520-1 Air Pollution Document needed to import vehicles into the US Import Motor Vehicles Air
Pollution Regulations
USA Shipping Vehicle General Document Shipping Instructions and Requirements for Foreigners moving to the US USA Shipping Vehicle General
USA Vehicle Declaration Declaration form for shipping a vehicle to the USA USA Vehicle Declaration
USA Vehicle Authorization
Letter of Authorization for Vehicle Transportation into the USA USA Vehicle Authorization Letter
CA-B4 Canada Customs personal effects accounting document (Settler, Former Resident, Seasonal Resident, or Beneficiary). CA-B4.pdf
CA-B4A Canada Customs personal goods accounting document (List of goods imported). CA-B4A.pdf
AU-B534 Unaccompanied personal effect statement for goods entering Australia. AU-B534.pdf
NZ-C4 Importing goods into New Zealand (Import entry document). NZ-C4.pdf
UK-C3 Bringing your belongings into the UK from outside the European Community. UK-C3.pdf
Overseas Insurance
Value Declaration
Declaration form for all risk full replacement value insurance. Declaration of Value
Overseas Insurance Exemption Document indicating items not covered with Overseas Insurance Overseas Insurance Exemption
T1-M E Canada Customs and Revenue Agency moving expense and deduction form. T1-M E
GCVL Claims form Great Canadian Van lines damage or missing article claims form. GCVL Claims Form
GCVL Credit Card
Letter of authority allowing GCVL to put charges through on your credit card. (ONLY ACCEPTING VISA AND MASTERCARD) GCVL Credit Card
Credit Card Pre-Authorization Letter of authority allowing Tender Touch to put charges through on your credit card. Credit Card Pre-Authorization

In order to view these documents in PDF format, you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software already installed on your computer.
This software can be downloaded from the Adobe Web Site for free.