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6 Tips for Moving With Pets

Relocating to a new home can be just as stressful for your pets as it is for you. Most individuals would agree that their pets are simply furry members of their family, and they would want to do everything possible to keep them comfortable and happy. Whether you are moving nearby or far away, there are a number of things that you can do to make your moving experience less stressful for both you and your pets.

Before the Move

Making the right preparations before moving day can make moving with pets a much more enjoyable experience.

  • Before the big day, be sure to have your pets fitted with collars and ID tags that display your name, your cell phone number, and your new address. You might consider having a microchip inserted as well.
  • Cats, small dogs, and other small animals should always be placed in a well-ventilated crate or pet carrier. Larger dogs should be leashed in order to help keep them under control during the trip. If your pet is not accustomed to riding in a vehicle and you are making a long distance move, you might try loading him up for short rides in your car a few times before you make the trip.
  • If you know that your furry friend has a history of car sickness, visit your veterinarian a few days before you plan to leave and ask for medications that can help.
  • When traveling long distances that require overnight stays, it is a good idea to locate pet-friendly accommodations in advance.
  • Pets can become very anxious with all of the excitement of movers, boxes, etc. Consider making arrangements for your pet to visit friends or relatives on moving day if possible, or keep your pet closed in a separate room or yard while your belongings are being loaded.
  • Be sure to bring plenty of food, a few small toys and a water bowl for your pet.

On the Road

Moving with pets, especially during long-distance moves, can be a pleasant experience when you follow these tips.

  • It is essential that you keep your pets safe as you travel. Never allow pets to ride in the back of a pick-up truck, the trunk of a car, or in the back of a moving truck.
  • Plan ahead to allow for frequent potty breaks and fresh water for your pets. Remember to always keep your dog on a leash during stops. Even the most well-behaved dogs or cats can become anxious from all of the excitement and could run away.
  • Never leave your dog in a hot or cold car for an extended period of time during your trip. Doing so could be life threatening.

Settling In

No matter how accommodating you have been during your trip, moving can be a frightful experience for your pets. It is important to remember that your pet must transition to your new home just like anyone else. Below are a few tips to make that transition easier.

  • Introduce your pet to your new home slowly. Be sure to show him where his toys, bed and food dish are kept.
  • Shortly after you move in, it is wise to contact a local vet and maybe even make an appointment for him or her to meet your pet.
  • Remember to have your pet licensed in your new location soon after you arrive.

Moving with pets can be a daunting experience, but when you follow these tips your pet will happily become king or queen of your new home in no time. Contact us today for more assistance with your next move.