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How To Move a Hot Tub the Right Way

When you bought your hot tub, all you thought about was how wonderful it would be enjoying it on your deck, patio, yard or poolside. It never occurred to you that you’d have to know how to move a hot tub! Now you’re relocating and you don’t want to leave such a large investment behind!

Considering the process involved with installing it, figuring out how to move a hot tub can feel overwhelming. Hot tubs are large, cumbersome belongings and like pianos and other oversized items, difficult to relocate. Fortunately, with some planning and experienced, professional movers, you can keep your hot tub investment and enjoy hot soaks and relaxation in your new home with minimal hassle!

Preparing the hot tub

Before figuring out how to move a hot tub, you need to prepare it for relocation. The first thing you need to do is empty the water out of the tub. While this sounds easy, you need to remember that it contains hundreds of gallons of water and that water all has to drain somewhere.

  • Yard location – If your hot tub is in the yard, drain it into the lawn gradually to avoid erosion, flooding, and unhappy neighbors who suddenly have wet yards.
  • Indoor location – For an indoor, deck or patio hot tub, connect a hose to the drainpipe and run it outside to the yard, street or other safe drain location. Drain it slowly to avoid overflowing any of these areas and check with your town to learn where to drain the water safely.

When the tub is empty and dry, take the opportunity to wipe it down and remove any residue so it’s ready for filling (and enjoying!) in your new home. With no more water to worry about, remove all the gas and/or electric lines connected to the tub. If you’re unsure how to do this, hire a professional to do it safely and correctly. Once you have all the wires off, keep them together with string or zip ties and place them in a bag, box or the tub basin to prevent tangling and damage. Check the drain cap to ensure that it’s tight and secure before anyone comes to move your hot tub.

Moving the hot tub

Unless you have several strong family members and friends willing to help you get the hot tub into a big enough truck or van for moving, hiring professional movers is the best answer to how to move a hot tub. Even if you have lots of burly friends and family members, having them help you move such a large item can make them hesitant to help you in the future and can potentially cause physical injury. Chose the safe route by hiring movers with the experience and equipment to move your hot tub to your new home. Professional movers know how to maneuver hot tubs through difficult spaces and how to secure it within their moving truck or van to avoid damage. They have all the right equipment such as dollies, packing materials, and tie downs to keep your spa safe through loading, transport, and unloading – and they won’t expect an invite for a soak after! If you have any questions about how to move a hot tub, the best professional movers address them and work with you to accomplish a safe, stress-free move.

When you’re ready to move and need help with your hot tub or other large items, contact Tender Touch Moving and Storage for experienced service.