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3 things you need to know about Vehicle Shipping Across Canada

Vehicle shipping across Canada becomes a handy service to have when you find yourself in a predicament where you can’t drive your car where you need it to go! Although you might not be doing all the work to ship it across the country, you should prepare yourself by knowing what to expect.

1. Why Should You Ship a Car Rather than Drive It?

There are many reasons why you should ship a car instead of driving it. If it’s a luxury or antique car, you obviously don’t want to add the extra mileage nor do you want to take the risk of something happening to it. Maybe the car is older, and you’re not sure if it would make it all that way. Purchasing a car from a seller in another part of the country? Vehicle shipping across Canada is a great option. It’s also a beneficial service if you broke down somewhere far away from home or you’re flying to a vacation spot.

2. Do You Need Special Insurance to Ship a Car?

Your transporting service has insurance, but make sure you ask what it covers, so if in the event anything happens, you’re not shocked if it won’t cover it. You should also ask what the deductible is and what the limit is of the coverage. For instance, you should know if the company only covers the value of your car in its current condition. Make sure you inquire about extra insurance and what it covers beforehand!

3. What You Should Do Before You Ship Your Vehicle? 

Start by removing any valuables from your car. Anything that’s irreplaceable should be taken out of the car as well. Before you ship your car, you should wash the exterior of it. This will help you to identify scratches, dings or dents. Make sure you whip out your phone or camera and take pictures of the vehicle from every angle. Notify the shipper of any prior damage that was done to the vehicle.

Ask questions! You want to feel secure with whoever has your car, and you don’t want any discrepancies during or after the transport. Make sure you read the contract, so you know what to expect and any obligations you may have. Once your car has made its journey, you should inspect it carefully.

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