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Choosing Packing Paper for Moving

Packing for a move is a big job even if you don’t own a lot of stuff.  One of your top concerns is always protecting your belongings from damage.  Having the right moving supplies will make the whole process much easier.  Using packing paper for moving is a popular option.  It’s budget friendly, eco-friendly, and versatile.  There are different types of packing paper for moving and knowing the difference will ensure you get what you need to do the job right!

Do I really need packing paper for moving?

Do you have breakables?  Then the answer is YES.  Packing paper is used for cushioning and filling in space in boxes, but is most commonly used to wrap things that can break.  You most likely have plates, bowls, and glasses in your kitchen that should be protected.

Many people just decide to use the Sunday newspaper, but that really isn’t a great idea.  Newspapers have ink on them, which rubs off on whatever you wrapped in it.  At best you would need to immediately wash everything to remove the ink (and who wants that?).  At worst you could damage the item permanently with stains or discoloration.

Most packing paper for moving is also acid-free, and printed newspapers are not. This will prevent any discoloration or damage caused by chemical reactions between the materials or finish of the item and the paper. This is especially important if you have antiques, fragile items or collectibles.

In many places, newspapers are no longer published daily and many smaller cities don’t have them at all. If you’re moving on short notice, it is possible you wouldn’t have any newspaper available without having to raid a recycling dumpster.  EEWW!  Packing paper for moving is clean, inexpensive and readily available at a variety of stores and online retailers.  It’s easy to pick some up while doing your regular shopping.

What are the different kinds of packing paper?

There are actually a few different kinds of packing paper for moving and here’s what you need to know to get the right one for your packing job:

  • Tissue paper –Tissue paper is thin and lightweight.  It is good for protecting the finish on delicate items – and to use under bubble wrap to prevent sticking!  It is available acid-free.  Sheets vary in size.
  • Newsprint – Lightweight unprinted newspaper is used to wrap breakable items and keep them clean.  It comes in sheets and rolls but the larger sheets are best for moving.   It is acid free.  It can also be used for cushioning or filler for lightweight items only.
  • Kraft paper – Kraft paper is brown, usually comes on a roll, and is available in different weights that are all heavier than regular packing paper.  This is the type of paper used for paper bags and to wrap mailing boxes.  Since it is heavy, it would be a better option for filler or cushioning.
  • Corrugated paper – Corrugated paper is between paper and cardboard in heaviness.   It has one flat side and one ridged side.  It is flexible and can bend around items such as glassware.  It comes in rolls and sheets of different thicknesses and is good for padding between layers or between items such as dishes.  It provides more shock resistance than regular paper.

If you have unusually shaped, fragile, extra-large items, or just don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself, it’s time to call the professionals!  Tender Touch Movers offers packing services and we have the experience to make everything go smoothly.  Contact us today for a quote on your local or long distance move.