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How To Move a Pool Table

Moving a pool table doesn’t have to be a hassle, but it can be if you’re not careful or don’t think ahead! Knowing how to move a pool table, any disassembly or reassembly required, how to safely pack separated parts, how to level it afterwards will make everything go much smoother than winging it and hoping for the best. Your guesswork could end with a destroyed pool table, damage to other furniture, and maybe even someone hurt. Yikes! So take your time, get it right, and enjoy a game of pool in your new home!

1. How are you moving it? How to move a pool table isn’t quite as important a question as how you are going to move your pool table. All pool tables need to be disassembled. Even toy ones won’t be able to get out the door with the legs on! Do not fall victim to this number one pool table moving mistake!

2. Breakdown and reassembly. Now that you know your pool table needs to be taken apart to be moved, it’s time to figure out taking it apart and putting it back together. If you still have instructions around, follow them. If you don’t have the instructions around, look them up online and follow them. If you can’t find them online, you can call the manufacturer and get them sent over…then follow them. Don’t wing it. Guessing might work out completely fine, but it might end with a disassembled pool table that you’re never getting back together.

3. Packing it right. Make sure you’re especially careful with the legs of your pool table. It doesn’t take much damage to compromise the integrity of the table, making it lean to an uncorrectable degree—or even putting it at risk of collapsing the next time a friend leans a little too far over for a shot. Take your time wrapping all the pieces, legs and trim. The slates on the table should each be crated for safe transportation. Taking off the felt is time consuming, but it will reduce the risk of it being damaged in transit. Making sure the cloth is not torn if you plan on using the same one again – but feel free to just tear it off if you’re replacing it!

4. Other items. Make sure you store balls, cues, and whatever accessories you might have carefully—don’t toss it all in a sack and hope things go well. Pool balls can cause a lot of damage to anything they’re sharing space with, and you don’t want to damage your cues because you were careless.

5. Leveling. Don’t forget to level your pool table after your move. Even a slight slope can become frustrating quite quickly, and even if your table is in the same shape, the floor it rests on may not have the same slope as the one it rested on before. How you level your table will vary with the model.

If you’re not confident in your ability to move your pool table safely, don’t get cornered. Invest in professional help, and leave moving your pool table to the experts.