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Moving alone – here`s what you should know

A man moving alone on the street.

If you are moving alone, the truth is simple. This path you are on can go in one direction or another. Moving alone can be a wonderful, confidence-building adventure, or it can be something that will break you down. The way it will turn out depends solely on you and your personality. But, let`s focus on the positive things. Here is what you should know if you are moving alone, or at least thinking about it.

A woman looking over her shoulder and smiling.
There are a lot of people who decide that moving alone is the right option for them.

What you will become

This adventure will bring about many changes in your personality. Don`t worry. They are all good changes and something we all aspire to become. Moving long distance is, after all, a life-altering event.

1. Moving alone will make you more independent

Being alone is one of those fight or flight situations. Humans do not like to be alone. However, nothing will make you grow up faster and become more independent as moving alone. True, everything will seem scary and unfamiliar at first. The chances are you won`t know anyone in your new place of living. Big cities are always particularly scary for newcomers. So if you are moving to Toronto or any similarly large city, this article is for you.

And yes, there will be times when you will question your decision. But those times will pass. Just think about how proud you will be of yourself the first time you achieve something you previously thought was impossible. You would not be so independent today had it not been for you moving alone. It is the bigger picture that counts.

2. There is nothing better than moving alone to help you get to know yourself

People say that nothing will help you know yourself better than being alone. And we think this is true. When you are alone, you have no other option but to spend every waking moment with your own thoughts. Moreover, by living alone, you will get away from every person with an influence on you in the past. Getting away from others` influence lets you figure out what you want in your life. As an unwritten rule, the farther you move, the more intense this process will be. It is up to you to decide whether you can handle it. Just remember this – your goal in life is to be the best version of you that you can be. 

A woman sitting on a rock and looking at the distance. Moving alone will help you have more time for yourself.
Being alone will give you a chance to reflect on yourself and your choices.

3. You learn how to be social

When moving to a new location, you leave all of your family and friends behind. Having no one means that you have no support system. However, that situation will be the turning point in your life. You will have no other option but to get out there and meet people. By meeting new people, you will get a group of friends, a new support system. And, doing this once will give you the needed confidence and make you realize that you could do it all over again if needed.

Because there are so many changes moving alone will bring about that it is impossible to list them all, let`s briefly mention a couple more:

  • Moving alone will make you fearless.
  • You will become adaptable. 
  • Self-reliant is also something that you will become.

See? We told you that moving by yourself is a good thing!

What you should avoid doing

There are dos and don`ts to everything in life. And this is no exception. If you are moving alone, there are certain things you should avoid.

1. Avoid becoming a slob

We understand that it is very easy to let yourself go and become a slob when living alone. After all, it is very tempting. But don`t give in to temptation so easily. A messy, dirty house is not just an eyesore. It can also be damaging to your health. Inhaling dust cannot be a healthy thing. Moreover, what happens if you want to invite someone over and remember the state of things back home? Trust us. There are few things as satisfying as walking into a pristine house. Also, the chances are you will have to downsize from a house to a condo, so this will help you because you will not have as much cleaning to do.

A clutter-free table.
A clean house will give you a sense of satisfaction.

2. Avoid spending too much money

There is a good chance that you have had someone to take care of your finances for your entire life. However, when you move alone, the only one that controls your budget is you. That is why sticking to the budget can be extremely difficult when you live alone. But what can you do to prevent yourself from spending too much money? For starters, you can make a list of the items you need to buy for that week (or month), along with the money you have at your disposal. That way you will have a clear picture of your affairs. Secondly, you can ask yourself a really simple question before buying anything on the expensive side – Can I survive without it? If the answer is yes, you don`t need us to tell you what to do.

3. Don`t become secluded

It is very easy to become anti-social when you live alone. You might feel tired after a long day at work and decide to stay home the third weekend in a row. However, this is something you shouldn`t do, no matter how tired you are. Go out, even if it is against your will at that moment. Like we mentioned before, people who are alone when moving can either become social, or anti-social. Do yourself a favor and become the first one. Life is so much better when you have friends.

A group of friends laughing and hugging.
Don`t get comfortable in your solitude and become anti-social. We all need some friends by our side.

Those would be our dos and don`ts for all of you moving alone. There are two sides to every coin, and the same applies to your current situation. The only thing we did not mention is – enjoy! You are finally living by yourself. There is no one to tell you what to do and no one to shy away from. Like people say – you are your own boss. Use this to your advantage and do all the things you have always wanted to do.