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Moving Long Distance – What you need to know?

Cancelling and Re-Setting Up Utilities

When you prepare for a long distance move ensure that you have called all of your utility companies to
properly cancel your services and contact new suppliers to setup as soon as possible.

Forwarding Mailing Address

When moving long distance, Canada Post offers Mail Forwarding service to ensure all your important
mail reaches your new address. With this service, you can forward mail from your Canadian address to
anywhere in the world.

Setup Phone Lines at New Home

If you rely on a landline telephone, then it is advised that you contact your new phone company to have
your landline setup as soon as possible. Cellular phone service can vary across the country from no
service at all in remote areas to extremely fast service in big cities.

Packing Items in your Car

When making a long distance move in your vehicle it’s a good idea to pack essentials that you may need
for your journey. Items such as warm clothing, coats, hats, scarves are essential in cold weather. Also,
stock up on food snacks and drinks to keep moving and reduce the number stops along the way.

Inventory for Your Personal Use

When undertaking a long distance move we need to familiarize ourselves with a new

new friends and neighbours, new workplace, new schools for the kids, etc. This doesn’t leave you with
enough time to unpack all the boxes. By labeling each box properly and clearly, you will have a private
inventory of all items you packed and now are able to prioritize which boxes to unpack first.

Dispose of Items

When moving across the country one needs to consider that there will be some items which which don’t
need to be moved. Dispose of open open foods and liquids. It’s a good time donate clothing which
hasn’t been used in a long time. Also, alcoholic beverages are prohibited from being transported.

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