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Places to find free moving boxes

A grocery store where you can find free moving boxes.

The moving process is one of those things that, no matter what you do, can never be cheap. Even if you decide against hiring reliable Toronto movers, you will still be faced with plenty of other moving expenses. Packing supplies are just one of those moving expenses. However, while there are some moving costs that are unavoidable, cardboard boxes are not one of them. There are a lot of places where you can find free moving boxes, and save some money in the process! Read on, because saving money this way is easier than you think.

The best way to find free moving boxes is by asking around

They say that if you want something, you should just ask. You need to find moving boxes free of charge, and the best way to do that is by asking your friends and family for help. In this day and age, moving is a common thing, and all of us have moved at least once by the age of 25. So, do not hesitate to ask your colleagues and acquaintances whether they have some old packing supplies left over from their own relocation. Perhaps you can get more than just free moving boxes, which would be a sweet deal.

Friends holding hands.
You and your friends should work together as a team. They can help you find free moving boxes by lending a helping hand.

Grocery stores

When you go to a grocery store, the first thing you will see will be stacks and stacks filled with different goods. From potato chips to different beverages and everything in between, all of the items you see had to be transported from a warehouse and into the stores. And, what do you think they transport these items in? That`s right, you guessed it – cardboard boxes! Since a grocery store really has no use for a box once everything is unloaded out of it, they usually throw them away. That is, they throw them away unless no one asks for them. So, the next time you need to find moving boxes for your relocation, head to your local supermarket. Chances are you will leave with dozens of boxes in your hands.


Another place where you can hit a jackpot if free boxes are what you are looking for is the bookstore. Now, what is important for you to know is that the boxes you can find in grocery stores and bookstores usually differ. Namely, all of the boxes you will find in the bookstores will be strong and sturdy. After all, take into account how much only one book weighs, let alone an entire stack of them. On the other hand, some of the boxes you find in the supermarket may not be so sturdy. It all depends on what they were used for.

To make sure you find free moving boxes on time, ask the retailer at your local bookstore when they get shipments. Usually, each bookstore will get a shipment at least twice a week. It looks like if you want high quality packing supplies for free, you mustn`t be afraid to ask!

Shelves in a bookstore where you can find free moving boxes.
Consider yourself lucky if you find free moving boxes in a bookstore, as they will be sturdy.

For a fall relocation, visit your local campus

Early fall is the time when college students leave their parents` home and move into their dorm rooms. No matter the number of items they bring, every college student will bring at least a couple of moving boxes on the move-in date. And, since by this time they have served their purpose, the boxes get thrown out of the dorm rooms. Well, the good news is that they don`t have to be left to waste since you can use them. Don`t be ashamed to ask some students whether they would be willing to give you their cardboard boxes. In 85 percent of the cases, you will get a positive reply.

Pay a visit to a nearby recycling center

Once people finish with their commercial or residential move, they usually load up their moving boxes in a vehicle and take them to a recycling center. Thus, as you can imagine, this is a place for you to go if free boxes are what you are looking for. If you see an attendant while there, you can speak to him or her. Ask whether there are any boxes you could take with you. In case there is no one to be found once you arrive at a recycling center, you can take a peek at a bin containing boxes. Expect that a lot of them will be in bad condition since they already survived relocation or two. The ones you think are salvageable you can renovate with some ducktape. It`s still better than paying a lot of money for dozens of moving boxes.

Shelves with boxes and packages.
Reusable moving boxes can be found at a local recycling center.

Garage sales

It may seem unbelievable to you that there is someone who actually wants to sell moving boxes, and you are looking for them as hard as you can. However, the owner of the boxes may have recently moved, so he knows he won`t be needing them anytime soon. Why should they take up space in his home, when there are people like you who can benefit from these boxes? So, the next time you see a garage sale, don`t just move on. Make sure to stop by, as you may find sturdy boxes in perfect condition at a ridiculous price. 

The conclusion

Whether you relocate across the state borders or just down the street, you will have to save up months before your move. Creating a family budget will be a challenge, one that you will seriously have to deal with. However, cardboard boxes don`t have to be on your list of expenses. Be smart, and visit the places we have listed in this article. More often than not, you will be able to find free moving boxes and lots of it. Save your money for something that is really needed, like reputable and reliable relocation professionals.