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Tips and hints for moving home to Montreal

An aerial view of Montreal, available to see after moving home to Montreal.

There is not a title Montreal has not carried over the years. From the best city in the world to live in, to the Quebec`s metropolis, Montreal has become established as a highly desirable destination. If you are thinking about moving home to Montreal, we have only words of praise for you! You have made a really good decision, which is something you will soon realize on your own. If we were you, we would not wait a minute longer. Instead, we would hire the most reputable Montreal movers, and be on our way to a new life in this incredible city.

Life in Montreal is affordable

When choosing your future city, the cost of living will be one of the main influencers for you saying either yes or no to the previously mentioned city. Moreover, it does not matter whether you decide to rent or buy a place in Montreal. Both options are equally affordable. Thus, you should know that for a two bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood, you can expect to pay around 700.000 dollars. Compared to other Canadian cities, this is a pretty cheap deal. Even though we are top quality movers from Toronto, we have to admit that life in Montreal does have its perks.

A pink piggy bank.
Your piggy bank will quickly start filling up after moving home to Montreal.

Moving home to Montreal means becoming a part of a multicultural society

Affordable rent and a low cost of living attract people from all over the world. What`s more, moving to Canada from the USA has become a common occurrence precisely because of the cities such as Montreal. Painters, poets, musicians – they all call Montreal home. Moreover, another thing that adds to Montreal`s appeal is the presence of many nations. You never know, soon you could become best friends with a Greek actor or an Italian restaurant owner. In this city, nothing is impossible.

Furthermore, bars in Montreal don`t close up until 3 in the morning. Venues that work so late ensure that you never have a dull time on a Saturday night.

Moving to Montreal means learning French

Depending on what type of person you are (and how you look at it), this could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Montreal is a city where French is the predominant language. However, most of Montreal`s residents can fluently speak both English and French. Even if you are not a fluent speaker in French just yet, there is no need to worry. The friendly people of Montreal will be more than happy to assist you. As you can see, relocating to Montreal means that you will get a chance to work on yourself and your knowledge, and broaden your horizons.

A black door with the word bonjour written on it, which you will see a lot after moving home to Montreal.
You will have an abundance of opportunities to hear and speak French!

A bicycle can become your primary vehicle of transportation

If you are used to enjoying outdoor activities in Toronto, you will not be bored after relocating your home to Montreal. This city is one of the top 20 bicycle-friendly cities in the world, which means that you do not need a car to get from point A to point B. All you need is your old, reliable bike. This city has lanes that are separate from traffic lanes, and that makes them safe for travel. Using your bike for commuting is beneficial for many reasons, some of which include the preservation of good health and the lowering of your transportation fees.

Avoid making July 1st your moving date

This date might be familiar to you – after all, on July 1st we celebrate the national day of Canada. However, for some strange reason, July 1st has also become an unofficial moving date. This title might fool you into making it your moving date, which is when you would make a mistake. If you want to avoid congested traffic which will result in you spending hours trapped inside your vehicle, do your best to move before or after this day. After all, who else has precious time to lose, especially when that time could be better spent?

An aerial view of an intersection and highway.
By all means, avoid making July 1st as your moving date.

Hockey is a big deal in Montreal

You probably already know that hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. All the Canadians either play or watch hockey. However, that fanaticism is taken to a whole new level in Montreal. After moving home to Montreal, expect that every bar will be filled with people watching the game. Moreover, do not expect your coworkers to keep quiet after a big game. You can rest assured hockey will be the talk of the office. If you are not a fan of hockey, for now, no worries. You are bound to come to love it after moving to Montreal. And, since beer in this city is cheaper than in any other Canadian city, you could make a pleasant occasion out of every game. Sounds perfect to us!

If not careful, you can easily get a parking ticket

Even if you are an impeccable driver, you are most likely going to get a parking ticket after moving here. The reason is not that you are a bad driver, or that the cops are unfair. Simply put, the traffic signs can sometimes be confusing for newcomers. While on the subject of traffic and tickets, do not even think about jaywalking while in Montreal. If you get caught, you will be handed out a hefty fine. Even if there were no fines in the game, risking your life is simply unnecessary.

A traffic light.
Follow the traffic rules and regulations after moving home to Montreal.

If you are moving home to Montreal, you are facing more benefits than drawbacks. There is a good reason why Montreal has such a good reputation all around the world. The cost of living, friendly people and plenty of amenities all serve to Montreal`s favor. What are you still waiting for? Make a perfect moving plan, pack your bags, and get on the road. We are sure you will not regret making this decision.