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A complete guide for moving to Canada from the US

Canadian flag - guide on moving to Canada from the US

If you made a decision to move to another country – congrats. It is not that easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of thinking, planning, and questioning if it is a good idea. Don’t you worry, you’ve made the right decision. Moving to Canada from the US is a great idea! It just takes a lot of planning and organization. However, if you don’t know where to start, here is our complete guide for moving to Canada from the US.

Seagulls surrounding the Canadian flag.moving to Canada from the US is something you need to prepare for
Read about everything you need to know when moving to Canada from the US

Things you should know about Canada

Before you start the process of moving to Canada from the US, there are some things you should know about your destination country. Here are some of them.

Smoking can’t be done everywhere you want

If you smoke, you should know that you can’t do it everywhere. Basically, you can smoke at your own home or inside your car, and outdoors. It is illegal to smoke inside any public areas, along with apartment buildings.

A job is not that easy to find

Unless you are moving to Canada from the US because of your job, going through a job hunt can take some time. It can take a while before you find something that suits you the best. So that’s why you need to have enough money prepared for the period in between the jobs. Furthermore, taking a job that is not your preferred career can be a good solution for the ‘transfer’ process. However, if you are moving to Canada along with your job, and you need to move offices, check out our commercial moving services.

Weather can be a surprise

Depending on where you are coming from, Canadian weather can be a surprise to you. Its winters can be as cold as -25°C and summers are hot, and spring and autumn are very short and unpredictable. So if you are not used to cold winters, be sure to prepare with the right attitude and winter equipment.

moving to Canada from the US means adjusting to cold weather
Winters in Canada are cold but can be spent well

Prepare your documents for moving to Canada from the US

Many people who are thinking about moving to Canada from the US, first think about the documentation that is necessary to do it.

  1. Passport – crossing the border by plane or a car, you are required to have a passport. However, if you are flying to Canada, check if your airline company requires any more documents. If you travel by boat, you don’t need to have a passport, but any other U.S. document to prove your citizenship.
  2. Driver’s license – it is possible to drive in Canada with a US license if you are a tourist. However, if you moved to Canada, you can transfer your US  driver’s license to a Canadian one. The way of obtaining Canadian license is different in each Canadian province, so you may want to check on that.
Cars driving to a city. moving to Canada from the US requires Canadian driving license
When moving to Canada from the US, check if you have all the documents, like passport or driving license

How to move?

Moving to another country is a difficult task. On one hand, you are starting a new adventure, but on the other hand, you are leaving your friends, family, your old house, etc. That’s why moving to Canada stress-free is very important. So here are the steps you should take when moving to Canada from the US.

Start on time with the preparations

Being informed about everything you need to do and have is essential. Every move is different – depending on if you have kids, pets, job, etc. That’s why you need to start the preparations for moving to Canada from the US on time.  Research your options if you need to find a house or a job since these things can take a lot of time.

Hire professionals

If you decide to move along with your household goods, we advise getting professional help and hiring international moving specialists. They will provide you with all the necessary advice and help related to the packing and moving. Even though you can do it without anyone’s help, it is difficult. Even the most organized people need help in this huge life event like an international move. If you plan on flying to Canada and want to ship your car, check out the vehicle transportation services.

Don’t bring everything you own

Moving your house completely makes sense only if you are doing a local move. Moving to Canada from the US can be an expensive and lengthy process, so moving only the essentials is the best advice we can give you. Decide what is absolutely necessary to bring, and get rid of the rest. To save some money in this process, you can sell some of your household items and have more space and money for moving. After organizing and decluttering you can roughly see how much it will cost. After that, contact the moving company and check the final price and details.

Require a precise, detailed moving quote

Moving to another country can take a lot of time and money from you. That’s why you need to be organized through this process. Knowing the precise costs of everything is extremely important and valuable. To get a precise moving quote, you need to know what exactly you are moving and where. Only then you can require an in-house estimate and get a quote for your move.

Let people know

Changing your address is something you should share with people who need to know. Especially if you are continuing doing the same job, or you have a business, it is important to let people know about the address change. Furthermore, change your address with the local post office, your bank, your mobile operator, etc. Do it on time, so you can use these services right away.

Get familiar with your future home

If you haven’t stayed in the city before, get familiar with your new home. Take your time to go around and check where are supermarkets, restaurants and other places you need to visit. Also, familiarize with the public transportation system and get the monthly/yearly pass if necessary. If you moved with your car, see if you need to get a parking spot in front of your building, or you already have a garage. After that, all is left is to enjoy Canada! Welcome!