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What should you know before moving to Toronto from Europe?

Incredible view of Toronto during night to enjoy after moving to Toronto from Europe.

If you were to ask anyone who has ever gone through a relocation, they would tell you the same thing! Moving is difficult. Relocating from one continent to another is almost impossible! However, with Tender Touch Moving and Storage Toronto, there is no such thing as impossible. For all of you moving to Toronto from Europe we can tell you the following thing – don`t panic. With some careful planning, and with the help of our great tips, you will be referring to Toronto as your home before you know it.

First things first – Gather the paperwork

Since you are a citizen of EU, you will need to dedicate some time to gather all the necessary paperwork which will allow you to enter Canada and settle in Toronto. Moreover, the first thing you should know about the Canadian immigration is that the rules and regulations here are constantly changing. Your only safe bet when relocating to Canada from another continent is contacting the Canadian embassy. They will be able to give you the most accurate guidelines for your particular case.

One thing is for sure, though. No matter your situation, you will need to have your passport and visa in hand. Whether you are entering Canada on a work visa, or an engagement one, it does not matter. When landing on the Canadian ground you will have to show your paperwork, so keep it someplace where you can reach it easily.

Two passports on a green surface, needed when moving to Toronto from Europe.
Having a passport is mandatory if you are moving to Toronto from Europe.

Book your movers

As you can imagine, the process of relocating your belongings from Europe to Canada is a complicated one! In fact, it can only be pulled off with the help of the best long distance movers Toronto has to offer. One thing you should know about moving companies is that all the good ones are booked months in advance. If you were planning on leaving this relocation task for the last minute, you better think again. You want to avoid a catastrophe, which is most likely to happen if you procrastinate with booking your movers.

Which traits to look for in your movers when moving to Toronto from Europe?

As you probably already know, not all relocation professionals are the same. In order to ensure you have the most pleasant experience, you need to keep your eyes wide open. Always look for the three key traits which every relocation professional should have.

  • Reputability. When moving to Toronto from Europe, the first thing you want to do is find reputable movers and book them while you still can.
  • Reliability. Of course, good reputation means nothing if you cannot trust your movers, which is why you need them to be reliable.
  • Affordability. Alas, you do not want to go broke at the end of the day. Find a moving company which offers competitive prices, and stick to it.

Once you get this task out of the way, it is high time to start dealing with the brighter side of your relocation – your new life in a new country. 

A view of the buildings in Toronto during night, seen from a body of water.
You can rest assured Toronto will suit you well.

What is there to know about moving to Toronto from Europe?

If we are being honest, even moving to Canada from the US can represent a big adjustment. Bear in mind that these two countries are so close to one another. Now, as you can imagine, after relocating from Europe to Toronto, you are bound to experience a culture shock. Following are the biggest things you need to prepare for.

Prepare for the Canadian weather

If you are living in a Scandinavian country, you will not have to go through a huge adjustment. However, the rest of Europe`s citizens will need to do some shopping before moving to Toronto. As you already know, the temperatures in Canada can get well below zero. You should stock up on warm winter clothing before your impending relocation. Do not forget to bring earmuffs and gloves! Keeping your extremities warm in a place like Toronto is crucial.

In Toronto, tipping is mandatory

Another thing that will take you by surprise is the tipping process in Toronto. Unlike in Europe, where tipping is not mandatory and, therefore, not so frequent, in Toronto, you will have to leave a 10 to 15 percent tip. Even if you do not have cash on you, you do not have to worry. The tip amount will be added to your card. On the bright side, the food in Toronto is amazing, to say the least, so you will not regret leaving a tip at the end of the meal.

A mug and a pot of coffee.
Get ready to start tipping after moving to Toronto. Here, there is no other choice.

The nightlife in Toronto starts after 11 pm

Like any other big city, Toronto offers amazing nightlife. From bars to pubs and everything in between, you are bound to find something for your preferences. That being said, you should now that the Toronto nightlife starts after 11 pm. There is no point in you rolling up to the club at 9 pm, where you are most likely to be the only one there! Instead, take a nap after a hard day at work. Treat yourself to a meal in a nice restaurant. There is no rush when in Toronto. Only after the clock strikes 11 should you go out into the wild Canadian night.

The conclusion

If you are moving to Toronto from Europe, the first thing you need to do is remain calm! We understand that this is no easy thing you are about to face. However, after that initial stress of your relocation wears off, and you settle in your new home, we can promise you that you will be happy. You should enjoy every aspect of your relocation, as chances are you won`t bump into another one anytime soon. Toronto is one of the best cities in the world for life, and you about to find out why! Happy moving, and we hope you will have no problem adjusting!