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How do you pack liquids for moving?

When it comes to moving into a new home, there are many things you need to think about. For example, you need to find a reliable mover, to change your address, to pack everything etc. So, it is probably best to make a moving timeline in order to be sure that you will have everything done on time. However, there is one thing you should know how to do properly, and that is how to pack liquids for moving. First, you need to be aware of the fact that there are certain liquids that are forbidden to pack. Second, when you choose which packages you will bring with you, you need to know how to pack them in order to prevent spilling. Continue reading “How do you pack liquids for moving?”

What’s an essentials box and what should it contain?

Even if you have never had to move in your life you have probably heard that the first couple of days after moving are very hectic. You will probably need some time to get used to the new environment, the layout of the house and circumstances. So, it is no wonder, that so many people really hate, and prolong the moment of their relocation as much as possible. Also, most of them become so much concentrated on paying attention whether all the stuff around the house have been entirely packed, that they forget about themselves. And while Toronto packing professionals can help you pack your belongings in the best way, we will give our best to tell you more about something that’s called essentials box and what should it contain. Continue reading “What’s an essentials box and what should it contain?”

How to protect your high-value items when moving?

Moving is a process that demands that all of your items be relocated from point A to point B. These items include everything you have collected during your lifetime, from miscellaneous items to those with high value. And, it goes without saying that shipping your valuables will require you to be extra careful and prudent. As you may imagine, to protect your high-value items when moving is not a task you deal with on a daily basis. Thus, you probably do not even have an idea where to begin. Luckily for you, Tender Touch Moving and Storage Toronto is an expert on this subject. Our mission today is to give you all the tips we have gathered over the years, and teach you the importance of protecting your valuables. Continue reading “How to protect your high-value items when moving?”

How to save space while packing clothes?

Your relocation is quickly approaching. You have booked your movers, found the house of your dreams, and notified everyone about your new address. However, even though it might seem different, your job is nowhere near done. If you didn`t get packing services Toronto, one major task is in front of you. Namely, the time has come for you to pack all of your possessions, including your furniture, and clothes. Since clothes take up a lot of space, space that could be better spent, you need to learn how to save space while packing clothes. And, that is what Tender Touch Moving is here for today. Continue reading “How to save space while packing clothes?”

How to make a packing checklist?

The number of things we have to think about when moving is staggering. Not only do we have to run small errands around town and cancel our monthly utilities with the different service providers, but we also have to find the most reputable movers, and manage to book them. However, this is just the beginning of your relocation-related struggles. The real challenge comes once you find yourself face to face with all the empty moving boxes lying around the house, knowing you are the one who has to put a lifetime-worth of items into them. Of course, this all applies if you opt against getting packing services. Whatever the case may be, you do not have to worry. We give you a packing checklist so thorough that packing your house will seem like a piece of cake. Continue reading “How to make a packing checklist?”

How to pack bulky winter clothes?

If you live in Canada, chances are that a big part of your wardrobe consists of winter clothes. Warm jackets, woolen sweaters, earmuffs – there is no surviving a Canadian winter without these essentials. However, even in a country such as Canada, sooner or later, summer will roll up. In order to make some room in your closet, you will need to pack bulky winter clothes, and put them someplace else for the time being. Whether you need to pack for a relocation, or you need to make some room for other belongings, Tender Touch Moving and Storage Toronto will help you. Follow our tips, and you will be saying your goodbyes to bulky winter clothing in no time. Continue reading “How to pack bulky winter clothes?”

How to easily disassemble your furniture?

Have you ever been wondering why relocation is such complex a job? You could ask someone who has moved before to tell you their story. Actually, no matter how many people you ask, you will probably hear a different point of view and each story will differ and be unique in its own way. And while we certainly do not know every story, we are quite sure that the most protagonists of these stories would agree that one of the most challenging parts of their relocation was moving their furniture. In order to disassemble your furniture, you either have to be very skillful or let a reputable moving company from Toronto sent their trained professionals. Either way, we will show you the necessary steps needed to handle this project. Continue reading “How to easily disassemble your furniture?”

How to pack large items?

It is said that moving is one of the most stressful events in a person`s life. The truth is, everyone has to go through a relocation sooner or later, and there is no escaping it. However, whether your relocation will be a success or a failure depends on a couple of factors. One of the deciding factors of any move is the packing part. Packing a house is a long, tedious and cumbersome process, which is why people often decide to pay for packing services with their movers. Of course, there are people who feel that they have what it takes to tackle this process head-on. Because of those people, today we will cover one of the most difficult parts of every relocation – packing large items. Interested to find out how to pack large items? Then read on! Continue reading “How to pack large items?”

How to pack in 7 days?

A lot of people dread packing and think that this task will be easier if left for the last minute. However, as a reasonable and smart human being, we are sure you realize that is just your inner procrastinator talking. There will be no one to jump to your rescue once you have to pack your house from top to bottom in a matter of days. However, Tender Touch Moving & Storage Toronto worries about you, and we are more than happy to help you any way we can. And is there a better way to give you a helping hand than by teaching you how to pack in 7 days? We thought so, too! Continue reading “How to pack in 7 days?”

How to arrange a yard sale?

Decluttering and organizing your home is a great way to get rid of the things you don’t really need. However, those things can be used by somebody else. That’s when a yard sale is a great idea! You can sell what you don’t really need, and somebody else can get things that are cheaper than in a store. Nevertheless, organizing a yard sale is like organizing any other event in your life – moving house, a wedding, a birthday party, etc. You need to think about a lot of details if you want it to be successful. If not, you may end up with a lot of damage around your home and spend more money then earning from the sale. That’s why you need our guide on how to arrange a yard sale and do it stress-free. Continue reading “How to arrange a yard sale?”