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How to make a moving checklist?

A close up of a hand that is holding a white marker, and ticking off boxes on a checklist. To make a moving checklist is not easy, and it requires a lot of planning.

There is a chance you were not aware of the fact that a moving checklist can make or break your relocation process. Why is this the case, you wonder? The answer is rather simple. A checklist is a systemized overview of your thoughts and duties for the upcoming period. The more quality and comprehensive your list is, the bigger are your chances of success. Therefore, let Tender Touch Moving show you the best way to make a moving checklist, and make the relocation process that much easier for you.

A close up of a person holding a pen and creating a checklist. Learn how to make a moving checklist as soon as possible in order to make the relocation process less difficult.
A purposeful and extensive moving checklist holds a lot of power!

Make a moving checklist – 8 weeks before the move

Eight weeks before the move is the best time to starting working on your moving checklist. At this point in time, you have a lot of room for planning and you can include all sorts of different tasks. You are blessed with all this extra time because you did not wait for the last minute to roll around to start planning your relocation. Therefore, for all of you who like to be on top of things, here are the tasks you should do 8 weeks before your relocation.

Hire reputable movers

Hiring reliable movers should always be your top priority months before the move. You want to make sure that you get your pick of movers, and not have to settle for the second best. This is only possible if you start on time. Therefore, eight weeks before the move, hire GTA movers to handle your relocation process.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Another thing to put on your checklist, and schedule it two months before the move, is the cleaning part. By this, we do not mean cleaning in the usual sense where you dust and vacuum. No, we are saying that you should go through your entire house, and decide which things to transport to your new home, and which things you should get rid of. You do not necessarily have to throw away all of the things you do not want to keep. Instead, you could arrange a yard sale and earn some money, or give your items to some charity. Donations are always needed.

Visit your child`s school

In case you are a parent with a school-aged child, you need to put this item on your moving checklist. It is very important not to forget it, as your child`s education and future depend on it. Therefore, 8 weeks before your moving date, go to the school and arrange for your child`s records to be transferred to a new school. Moving during the school year is hard enough even without you forgetting the crucial things, such as this one.

A blackboard with the letters ABC written on it. There are two books on the desk in front of the board, with some yellow and blue chalk next to the books.
When you make a moving checklist, never forget to include your child`s needs.

Make a moving checklist – 4 weeks before the move

The date of your move is quickly approaching by now. Everything up until now was a piece of cake compared to what is coming your way in the next couple of weeks. However, don`t panic just yet! Below are the things you must include when making your moving checklist.

It`s time to start packing

The worst thing you can do is wait days before your relocation to start packing. Therefore, one month before your move, you should slowly start packing your belongings. This rule applies to both residential and commercial relocations. And, in case you were smart enough to hire commercial movers in Toronto, you can just skip this item on your checklist, because they will do the job for you.

Change your address

This step is simple enough that it is overlooked on numerous occasions. However, make sure to include a trip to the post office when making your moving checklist. All you will have to do is fill out a form for changing your address, and just like that, you are officially a part of a new neighborhood.

Double-check with your movers

One month before the moving date it is important to go through all of the details with your movers one more time. By doing this, you will avoid any potential mistakes and oversights on both of your parts. Therefore, make sure to include this item when you make your moving checklist, as it is of crucial importance.

A close up of a person holding a pink marker and ticking off items on a checklist.
Always go through all the details with your movers one month before your moving date.

Make a moving checklist – 1 week before the move

These last couple of days before your moving date will be the most hectic ones so far. It is because of that reason that we decided to help you out and tell you which tasks that need to be done that final week to put on your moving checklist.

Pack an essentials bag

You and your family will need a bag that contains a change of clothes, medicine and perhaps some refreshments. Therefore, in the final days before your move make sure to pack all of the necessary things.

Clean out your home

No matter if you are moving out of a rental, or a place that you own, it is common courtesy to clean the house you previously occupied. So, organize a thorough cleaning session with your family and get the place sparkly clean.

Take care of other small details

  • When you make a moving checklist, make sure to include the cancellation of your current subscriptions.
  • Donate any leftover food.
  • Watch the weather forecast and prepare for the weather conditions.
  • Don`t forget to remember the good times you had, and the better ones that are yet to come in your new home!
Parents holding and kissing their baby girl.
Never forget to celebrate the happy moments you had in your soon-to-be ex-house.

A lot of planning and work go into making a perfect moving plan. Luckily, now that you know what to include when you make a moving checklist, you should be one step closer to achieving this goal. In the end, remember that every relocation is unique; it is all about adjusting to the one that you are dealing with. Happy moving!